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From books to videos, we have invited  super stars  in their field to provide you with their recommendations that has helped them excel in their field.  

Aash Jacob, Business Development Consultant.


Atomic Habits – by James Clear.


WHY? - This book provides a practical framework for daily improvement.

After reading this book and reflecting on the learnings, I’ve personally been able to bring a lot of my invisible/auto-pilot habits into view and make course corrections to better my actions and behaviors. This extends to my personal and professional life/endeavors.

You can’t change what you can’t confront – and you can’t confront what you can’t see! For me, there was nothing more life-changing than realising that nothing will change if nothing changes - and I’ve now taken steps to break old my old cycles.

Whilst I can’t fit everything I want to say in this little blurb, I do hope it inspires you even by a single % to start or continue your own journey. Either way, I’ve found that this book will meet you where you’re at.

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Dr Angelique McInnes,

Financial Planning Academic and former Financial Adviser


Above the Line – by Stephen Klemich and Mara Klemic, PhD


There are so many inspiring books that I have read, whether by Dr Jordan B. Peterson or Dr Caroline Leaf. However, I picked this one, because it was gifted to me by a former Central Queensland financial planning student who was working as a financial adviser while successfully completing her degree to meet the new educational standards as per the Corporations Amendment (Professional Standards of Financial Advisers) Act 2017.


The Klemich’s used evidence-based research and data to develop a model to help answer the “Why?” question when it comes to our and other people’s behaviours. In Above the Line, I learnt how to recognise why I make choices and behave using my heart and brain together. They showed me that our heart is central to how I am influenced to behave – whether with humility, love, pride and/or fear. My authentic self-drives me above the line, while life and all its negative pressures drive me below the line. By becoming aware of how my heart influences my behaviour, I use the strategies in Above the Line to change my behaviour, which is improving my life professionally and personally. However, changing a lifetime of entrenched patterns it is still a journey for me. I try to focus every day on “Stopping,” “Breathing,” and “Thinking” before I “Behave,” but sometimes in the moment I might revert back to old patterns to start again tomorrow. I try and not sweat the small stuff.

Jennifer Laing  –  Financial Planning Associate


As a borderline millennial, I am not a huge consumer of non-fictional books. I find I prefer to consume my self-development content through YouTube or podcasts. I have spent many years as a home executive and a student listening to and implementing the advice of these resources.

Time management: For time management tips I listen to Amy Landino. She is a best-selling author, and her YouTube channel features valuable tips on time blocking, task batching, productivity, and how to get up at 5am. I have found these tips to be useful in every situation where efficiency is the key to success, whether in the home or professionally.

Victor Idoko, Financial Planner and Director


Profit First – by Mike Michalowicz.


This book provides a practical framework for making you and your business more profitable and why you should pay yourself as a business owner right from the startup phase.

After reading this book and analyzing the concepts, I have since implemented this in my business to ensure as a business owner I am rewarded from the start and are looking for ways to efficiently grow the business and help more people that need my services and/or products.

Profit first was recommended by another business owner to myself and is definitely a great way to manage your cash flow in an easy way to help you be more productive and have profits. Highly recommended/Must read for existing business owners and aspiring business owners.

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