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About MYFP

It all began with a vision

 It all began with a shared vision, to provide a service to

you that would allow you to turn your dreams, goals

and objectives into a reality, providing you with an

experience that is enjoyable, educational

   and easy to understand allowing you to take control

of your finances to live the lifestyle that you wanted to.

Utilizing the minds of some of the brightest talents across

multiple industries, from financial services professionals,

business intelligence through to the education industry,

we wanted to create a model that would be tailored

for the individual.

We wanted to create something that was fresh, that was updated, that was designed to work for everyone, anywhere. We wanted to create something that was for the Modern world.  

​We wanted to create something that was all about our members and our community. We wanted to make it all about You.

From this, Modern You Financial Planners was created. A service and experience that you can say with pride, "They're MY Financial Planners" as our teams work with you, empowering you to have freedom, control and be the author of your dream life.

"Live your Dreams" 

Daniel T Jackson

The MYFP Mission 

At Modern You Financial Planners, our mission is to

educate and empower the everyday person to begin

taking control and experience financial freedom.                                                                                   

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