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Understanding Jargon U - Z

The information in this section is general in nature and is available to you for educational purposes. It should not be considered as personal financial advice. Should you like to know more about the contents in this section, please feel free to contact Modern You for a friendly chat with our advisers.

Understanding financial Jargon U - Z


Understanding the lingo can be overwhelming, here are some basic terminologies to help you get an edge on your friends, family and colleagues.


A firm which buys an issue of securities from a company and resells it to investors.


Unit Price
The unit price is a measurement that reflects the value of a Fund at a point in time. Prices are either allocation or issue (buy in at) or release or redemption (sell at). The total investment of a unit holder can be measured by the number of units held multiplied by the unit price.


The measure of performance against an index, competitor or any other benchmark.


Underweight is less than the benchmark holding in an asset class; overweight is greater than the benchmark holding.



Volatility is a measure of the variability of returns and is the standard deviation of investment returns over a specific period of time. The higher the standard deviation, the higher the level of risk associated with that investment.


Venture Capital
A term used interchangeably with private equity.


Percentage or proportion of the portfolio invested in each asset class.


Withholding Tax
Tax levied on dividends paid abroad.


A measure of return on an investment expressed as a percentage (calculated by dividing the income from an asset by its current capital value).


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